Sunday, November 4, 2018

Getting to Know Everybody!

🙂Getting to Know You🙂
       "Share our similarities, celebrate our differences."
-M. Scott Peck

 As you probably, know or seen, no body is the same! (Even identical twins) There are differences in many of ranging from gender to opinions. There are so many differences in this amazing world🌎! Even though there are many differences, there can be similarities. Many people like certain colors or foods🍞.

        I like many things and many of my friends do the same. I like the colors turquoise and purple. I  also enjoy hand lettering. My favorite foods are pok-e and sushi. 🍱🍣

To share what you like, submit your answers into the Answer Gardens below.

Colors        Foods        Things To Do        School Supplies         School Subjects        Sports

Also you can fill out the Google Form to add to the Google Sheet that displays answers.

To submit your answers, click here.🌟🌟

To see what you and others submitted look here. ⬇⬇⬇
If that's hard to view the link is here.


  1. Hi, Lianna!
    I like your survey topics. But I don't like the fact that Answer Gardens changed my correct spelling of the school subject Spanish to "spanish" with a lower-case "s".
    Mrs. Wohlafka
    Week 5 STUBC Commenter

    1. I'm sorry that the Answer Garden changed your answer "Spanish" to "spanish". There's a setting that changes it for an easy readers' experience.


  2. Hi, I love purple too. My favorite subject is Math, but i hate school. I love your post it really tells us about you a lot.

  3. Hi, Lianna My favorite color is pink and my favorite subject is science and I love School

  4. Hi Lianna,
    I love the way you made these quizzes! I'm going to share them in our week 6 posts which will go out tomorrow.

    What is your favourite school subject? When I was at school I particularly enjoyed maths and art. My favourite colour has always been red!

    Keep up your great work!


    1. Dear Kathleen, thank you for the share and the compliment! 😃 My favorite school subject is science. My next one, (even though not that popular) is physical education ( or physical wellness)! Thank you,



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